Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2018

There’s nothing as refreshing as the start of a new year. It marks the start of new beginnings and plenty of opportunities. New Year’s resolutions have been decided – whether you’re aiming to drink more water, declutter your home or hit the gym, with some perseverance you’ll hit those targets. For some people, they’ll want to renovate or organise their kitchen. Here are a few kitchen trend predictions we think we’ll see in 2018!

Sustainable Kitchens will become much more popular

Kitchen renovation doesn’t come cheap, and purchasing a brand new kitchen often results in a lot of waste. We’re a society who are moving towards a more sustainable future, and recycling is imperative to the survival of the planet. We predict that people will choose to purchase ex-display kitchens or second-hand kitchens that still have years of life left in them. An ex-display kitchen is basically brand new, but costs a fraction of the price (find out why you should buy an ex-display kitchen here ), and the majority of second hand used kitchens have been repurposed so that they’re as good as new.


We also predict (and hope) that people will choose to recycle their old kitchens in 2018. Not only does recycling your old kitchen benefit the environment – it can give you a bit of extra money towards your ex-display or second-hand kitchen. What makes used kitchens great is that you can tailor aspects of your ex-display or second hand kitchen to suit your wants and needs. Get inspired and repaint cupboard doors and change the kitchen door handles. We predict 2018 will see more people save their money, and the environment.

sustainable second hand kitchen prediction 2018


Technology will become integrated into kitchens

With so many gadgets available for us to use, we predict that 2018 will see the integration of technology within the kitchen. From sound systems integrated into cupboards that will allow you to both bake and boogie, to charging electronic devices seamlessly unified into worktops, the future is looking technical. We also predict that voice assistants will become crucial in the running of the domestic kitchen. Not convinced? Kantar states that 2.7 million households are currently actively using an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device, and by the end of 2017 it is thought that 33 million smart speakers will be installed across homes globally.


Voice assistants are great when it comes to the kitchen. You don’t need to worry about getting ingredients on a screen as you just have to ask your Alexa or Google Home to do something for you. Whether it’s to change a song, set a reminder, start a timer or begin a shopping list, you’ll soon find that your voice assistant is your best friend.

technology integrated into kitchen prediction 2018


Designs will focus on comfort

Gone are the days where comfort and relaxation is meant solely for the living room. In 2018, we predict that the kitchen will become more ‘liveable’, boasting plush chairs, soft sofas and other pieces of kitchen furniture. We think this will happen because the kitchen is more than just a cooking space – it is the heart of the home, and families are beginning to treat it as such. Why wouldn’t we want to sit in comfort, surrounded by good food and socialise with friends and family?

comfortable kitchen design prediction 2018



Gold and Brass will become popular

Rose gold and copper were prevalent in 2017, and while we predict it is here to stay in 2018, we think that gold and brass will become more popular. Copper based kitchen utensils are of excellent quality, and gold finishes have never really gone out of fashion. We don’t think copper or rose gold will reach the end of its reign anytime soon, but we believe that brass will become the big boss. This is because brass echoes a dominant role within the kitchen, and gives off a warming aesthetic. From lamps to stool legs, bowls and kitchen cupboard handles, we expect to see brass take the lead.

Brass kitchen finish prediction 2018

Ultra Violet will become a popular statement colour

Following Pantone’s announcement of their ‘Colour of the Year 2018’  Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet, we expect to see this complex purple rise in popularity throughout the next year. Maybe not directly this pantone but muted tones of violet, grey and painted wood  cupboard doors to Ultra Violet furniture and statement walls, we can’t wait to see this enigmatic purple take the reign. Used by musical icons such as Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix, this stunning colour is the ultimate personal expression of individuality.

Pantone colour of the year 2018 kitchen predictions


Marble worktops will resurface

Whilst new surfaces are emerging onto the market, marble offers a clean and elegant aesthetic that will enhance the look of your kitchen. This durable, hard wearing material is perfect for a kitchen worktop, and we doubt marble will ever really go out of fashion. Marble echoes luxury and grandeur, and white marble with black and grey veinery has been very popular. We predict that homeowners who want a kitchen that is  opulent and indulgent, they’ll opt for white marble worktops!


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