How Can We Be More Savvy with our Household Bills

We are all for making living more sustainable which is why we created The Used Kitchen Company, with everything around us getting more and more expensive, rising energy bills and budgets tight, here are some ideas to make small changes to reduce your household bills     Reducing energy use to lower bills and reduce

The Sun is Out so Time for a Kitchen Spring Clean

Spring is in the air, so lets look at the best ways to spring clean your kitchen. As everyone knows a clean, organised kitchen runs much smoother and is of course far more hygienic. Always work from top to bottom, so the dirt ends up on your floor which will be last thing to clean.

The Used Kitchen Company Introduces 360 Virtual Showroom Tours to its Buyers

The Used Kitchen Company is excited to announce its latest showroom enhancing experience. They have partnered with Virtual 360 Tours Glos, which allows showrooms to create a virtual walkthrough tour of their showroom, for potential customers to view from the comfort of their home. Launched at the kbb Birmingham show earlier this month, Virtual 360

Every Little Step Counts when Reducing Single Use Plastic in your Home

The Used Kitchen Company was set up to encourage homeowners and showrooms to recycle their kitchens instead of abandoning them to landfill. This is a great way to reduce waste and give new life to kitchens therefore being kinder to the environment and taking steps to a more sustainable future. Plastic use reduction in the

MINIMALISM: How To Maximise the Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen should be your sanctuary. A central component to your home, where you can relax, communicate and indulge with your friends and family. However, in this day and age, not all of us can afford a beautiful, spacious kitchen, and even less of us have the time to maintain it. Keeping your kitchen clean and

Every Day is Black Friday at The Used Kitchen Company

Everyone loves a bargain, and Black Friday is thought to be the best time for discount seeking bargain hunters. However, there is no debating the stress that comes with these flash sales. Black Friday only lasts the weekend; then everything shoots back up to its original price. Bring in The Used Kitchen Company. Lowering stress

Ways to Light Up Your Kitchen

Hanging lights A great way of updating your kitchen without spending a fortune is by installing new lighting. Lights can be a feature piece in your kitchen, subtly transforming the room. If your kitchen has a dark colour scheme or doesn’t get much natural light, having extra lights that are also aesthetically pleasing really helps

Backsplash ideas you need to try

A kitchen backsplash is to protect your wall from liquids – water from washing the dishes in your sink or food splatters from cooking on your hob. Originally, backsplashes were not a key feature of a kitchen but in recent years it has become a trend, interest and focal point of most kitchen designs. There

The Best Kitchen Organisation & Storage Ideas

It’s safe to say the nation has turned to cleaning, gardening or a DIY project to keep themselves occupied during these unsettling times. Here at TUKC we thought it would be a great opportunity to round up the best kitchen organisation ideas to inspire you to have a declutter and rejig. If tacking a whole


We are delighted to have introduced the concept of kitchen recycling in 2005 and now again dynamically spearheading environmental change within the kitchen sector, by introducing ground breaking ‘Kitchen Passports’ – an initiative that focuses on the eco necessity of extending kitchens’ lifespans from cradle to grave A TUKC Kitchen Passport holds all the crucial

Client Kitchen Before & After

Ever wondered how someone else’s kitchen could possibly fit into your home ? Look no further, check out the below Before & After photos of this used Keller kitchen which was originally situated in a London home and ended up in Plymouth. It certainly shows how kitchens can so easily be rejigged to fit your

Kitchen worktops – what’s the difference?

If you are purchasing a kitchen and have no idea about worktop materials then we have the perfect guide for you. Read through all the different types to find out which would be best for you and your project. MARBLE Marble worktops are timeless and elegant. Bear in mind as it is a soft natural