Will an ex-display kitchen fit my home?

Ex Display kitchens won’t always be the perfect size for your home – don’t be put off. This is a barrier that can be easily overcome.

Ex-display kitchens don’t necessarily need to be installed in the same configuration as displayed in the kitchen showroom. They can be reconfigured to better suit the size and shape of the kitchen space.

If an ex-display kitchen fails to completely fill the available space of a home, steps can be taken to expand the kitchen. Often, the units of ex-display kitchens are still current and so additional units can still be purchased to add to existing kitchens. Many showrooms offer these units at greatly discounted prices. Also, given that most appliance housing units are standard, in circumstances when a kitchen does not come with appliances, most models of appliances will fit the available space.

In addition to this, worktops can be cut/re-fabricated to adapt to new spaces by having them professionally templated once the kitchen is in situ. This ensures that ex-display kitchens have a more natural fit.

Therefore, ex-display kitchens are more flexible and more adaptable than one might initially believe. Check out our range of affordable ex-display kitchens on our website by following the link below: