Ways to Light Up Your Kitchen

Hanging lights

A great way of updating your kitchen without spending a fortune is by installing new lighting. Lights can be a feature piece in your kitchen, subtly transforming the room. If your kitchen has a dark colour scheme or doesn’t get much natural light, having extra lights that are also aesthetically pleasing really helps make the room brighter and inviting.

These hanging lights are a great example of effortlessly adding an extra dimension to your kitchen. Statement lights come in all shapes and styles it can be overwhelming, checking out Houzz and Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration.

LED lights

This modern way of lighting up a room has become a really popular way of creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere within a kitchen. You can go for simple neutral lighting or the full rainbow where you can change the lighting to suit your mood/time of day/season. 

These lights are not just for ceilings, they can be installed within shelves, behind cupboards or under your kitchen island, lighting up the room from within. Great for the environment too as they are energy saving light sources and actually last for years which is also extremely economically too. They can totally revive a dull kitchen bringing a new life into it.


Skylights, don’t only let in daylight, they can really open up the room, and make the kitchen look bigger and grander. Skylights often become the feature of the room and are a great source of light when you don’t have much window space.