Prime Day With No Expiry Date

By Lisa Goodman

As someone who shops online, I know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in the frenzy of deals and discounts. As a consumer looking to save money where possible and snatch up the latest deals if and when they do arise, I’m often lured into purchasing products that I just don’t need. Prime Day – Amazon’s own take on ‘Black Friday’ – is perhaps a good example of where my desires get the better of me. With 36 hours of time-limited discounts on the latest and greatest products, from shoes to speakers, it can feel like a fleeting and unmissable opportunity for a bargain. But more often than not, I come away with an emptier bank account and an instant feeling of regret.

The question must be posed: why should we feel obligated to spend at these specified moments of the year? The timing may not suit us, and we can often end up buying unnecessary products when we should really be saving up for something else. On top of this, the time-sensitivity of these discounts don’t give us enough room to think our purchases through properly, meaning that we will often come to regret our purchases at a later date.

It is these experiences which have, over the years, cultivated The Used Kitchen Company’s own philosophy. At TUKC, we do not believe in pressuring consumers to buy products from us that they do not truly want. In our opinion, buying a kitchen is a big decision and one that should not be rushed. Therefore, we feel it is our duty not to make you feel pressed during the decision-making process. As such, the discounts that we offer on our kitchens last all year round and don’t have a fixed expiry date. And for almost all our kitchens, you have the opportunity to go and check them out in person first before making the final call. If you have any lingering questions about any of our kitchens, our specialists are on call 5 days a week to put an end to your uncertainties.

It’s these small changes that we think will make a big difference towards helping you find your ideal kitchen at a great price and in your own time.

Have a browse through our hundreds of discounted kitchens on our for-sale page today.