Our ‘Big Green Postcard Drop’ Mission


Take a look at your kitchen. Imagine how much wood, quartz and other materials would be piled up if you scrapped it and sent it to landfill. Ponder for a minute or two how much extra pressure that creates on landfill. Now, do something about it! ‘Skip the Skip!’

The Used Kitchen Company team created this slogan late in 2017 and adopted it as our Big Green Kitchen Recycling message. Now, we have our TUKC ‘Big Green Postcard Drop’ initiative, to take things one step further.

Every time someone recycles their kitchen through The Used Kitchen Company and allows it to start a journey towards a loving new home, we will send those responsible recyclers a special postcard complete with a unique TUKC ‘Skip the Skip’ stamp.

The kitchen buyer will get a special postcard too, for falling in love with one of our second-hand or ex-display kitchens (and what’s not to love with 50-70% off RRP and appliances often included in the reduced price?)

We ask any recipient of a Big Green Postcard to kindly photograph our stamped card and share the pic on social media with #SkipTheSkip and #TheTUKCBigGreenPostcardDrop hashtags.They can then fill in the address panel and send it on to a family member or friend, penning a ‘Skip the Skip’ postcard message, to tell them what to do.  That’s all there is to it and there’s even a prize on offer!  Anyone sharing a photo of the Skip the Skip postcard on social media before December 31, 2018 will be entered into a draw to win a £50 Jamie Oliver voucher.

If you’re a journalist or blogger receiving a card, please to do exactly the same, but if you could also write about the need to recycle kitchens and create big green positive impacts, that would be fabulous, as homeowners and kitchen buyers and sellers will listen!

Can you help with this?  Please get involved!  There are only 4 steps to take –

  • Snap
  • Share
  • Post
  • Talk about the postcard and its message. It’s that simple!


The Big Green Postcard Drop wants to make tons of difference to landfill and really appreciates any help in doing this.  Be green and ‘heard’!