Must Have Appliances in Your Kitchen

Appliances are an integral part of any successful kitchen space, contributing to the experience in two main ways:

First of all, kitchen appliances add a new layer of functionality, greatly facilitating meal preparation and cleaning. Induction hobs and steam ovens open up new possibilities when it comes to cooking, allowing for the creation of more complex meals and the experimentation of new tastes and textures through more advanced cooking processes.

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Crucially, appliances also have an aesthetic value, having the potential to transform the look and feel of anyone’s home. Appliances today are as much about appearance as they are about functionality, and can somewhat be regarded as ‘kitchen furniture’. This is particular true, for example, in the case of extractor hoods, the elaborate designs of which often completely dominate the kitchen. Yet, the subtlety of modern appliances can by itself be a form of beauty. The seeming invisibility of induction hob surfaces seamlessly incorporated into the kitchen worktop allows for a spacious kitchen design, while integrated refrigeration units which blend into the surroundings can too, create a pure, minimalist feel.

Yet, the best appliances aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones. It is true that many of the leading brands showcase superior designs and cutting-edge technology which can be difficult to find elsewhere. Sub-zero, for instance, offers refrigerating of outstanding quality, suitable even for industrial scale, and their fridges are renowned for their ultra-modern look. However, in many cases, it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune to get kitchen appliances which fulfil the criteria of both functionality and aesthetics. Siemens and Miele offer beautiful and practical appliances at more affordable prices.

At The Used Kitchen Company, most of our kitchens come with a selection of included appliances. We also sell many top-of-the-range appliances separately at greatly reduced prices, allowing you to customise and improve your kitchen after purchasing it.