MINIMALISM: How To Maximise the Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen should be your sanctuary. A central component to your home, where you can relax, communicate and indulge with your friends and family.

However, in this day and age, not all of us can afford a beautiful, spacious kitchen, and even less of us have the time to maintain it.

Keeping your kitchen clean and uncluttered can be difficult, whether down to mischievous kids, busy schedules, or simply just not having the space to keep all the mess at bay. 

Here are some great ways to keep your kitchen uncluttered, organized, and mess-free, whatever the size!


So many of our kitchens are like swans; gracious, sleek, and effortlessly perfect on the surface, but underneath, working hard to stay afloat.

Whilst we may have conquered keeping our surfaces neat, our cupboards are often filled to the brim with tins, bottles, tupperware and sometimes mugs, questionably stacked upon one and other, waiting to fall on whoever dares opens the door.

Investing in cupboard organizers are a great way to keep your cupboards organised, prevent over-buying, and helps you see what you actually own!

cupboard organizer, pictured here with plants. However, these are great for storing tins!

These great shelves are from amazon. If you are looking for an even more inexpensive hack, these baskets and deep plastic boxes are easy to manouvre and will also do the trick.


Similar to your cupboards, if your shelves are looking cluttered, or your simply trying to fit more it, invest in some of these shelf risers!


If you don’t have a lot of surface space to work with, build up!

Whether to organise your utensils, store your knives, or simply find a place to keep all your miscellaneous kitchen items, utilise wall space for storage.

Simply repurpose some old wood to create these easy floating shelves.

Or, invest in a hanging utensil rack, and a magnetic knife board to free up the space they usually take up on your surfaces!


How about the side of your base unit? Or that little space between your fridge and the wall?

These forgotten spaces make for brilliant makeshift storage areas.

By installing hooks onto the side of your units, you can hang utensils, tea towels or anything you wish, maximising your surface space.

Depending on your budget, a pull out larder can be installed between the fridge and the wall.


A more expensive option, but a great storage idea nonetheless, would be to incorporate a hollow Island into your kitchen space.

Hollow islands can double as a feature point, and an extremely useful storage hub for your kitchen. Check out the one below!