Light Up Your Kitchen

As the kitchen is often the most used room in the house, its lighting should be carefully considered.   Lighting has become hugely important when designing a new kitchen and often gives it that wow factor it needs. Check the lighting pictured from The Lightning Judge.

Lighting that is both striking and versatile can improve the functionality, appearance and energy efficiency of your kitchen, whilst also making a statement. The best way to achieve multi-functional light is to create layers of general, task and mood lighting whilst also considering the space as a whole. So, whether you are preparing food or enjoying an ambient meal, you have a mix of diffused and directed light to suit all needs.

Task lights are essential to preparing food and cooking, as well as for showcasing your workspaces. Under cupboard downlights are ideal for this as they are well hidden and stop your shadow obscuring the worktop as well as being cheap and easy to install. For task lighting, sensor operated products can be really useful; individual lights can be turned on or off at the wave of a hand, meaning you don’t have to pause your meal preparation to wash your hands every time you need to flick a switch. Drawer and cabinet sensor lights, which light up when you open them, are also becoming popular. These lights look impressive and can be extremely helpful for finding things quickly. For kitchens with high ceilings, lights above the cupboards can add general light and easily create mood lighting.

When planning for ambient lighting in particular areas, it is important to consider how, for example. the bright lights of the cooking area may impact the ambient lighting of the dining area. Using warm lights is a good way to counteract this possible clash of interests. A popular method of adding versatility to the lighting over your dining table or island is by adding a suspended row of pendant lights with a dimmer switch.

Another layer to consider is feature lighting. Striking pendant lighting over the kitchen island is ideal for enhancing the visual divide between kitchen and dining areas. These can be put at different levels to add interest and create a focal point. You can also create mood LED lighting in a suspended ceiling above an island, and even add colour changes for fun. An extractor hood removes steam and odours in the cooking area, whilst it can also double up as striking task and mood lighting. However, feature lighting doesn’t just have to be from above; adding lights in the plinth beneath your island or base units can make them appear to float.

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– the possibilities are endless!