How to Make Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

Whether you’ve felt a surge of inspiration to make your ideal kitchen a reality, or a pang of jealousy because you feel like that beautiful, clean kitchen you’ve seen online is unobtainable, The Used Kitchen Company  are here to help. From adding value to your kitchen, to helping you maintain a clean kitchen and stay organised, here’s how you can keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Location is Everything

The layout of your kitchen is key to maximising both cleanliness and productivity. Position items in your kitchen so that frequently used ingredients and utensils are right at your fingertips. It can be incredibly helpful and time saving to have yours herbs and spices next to the kitchen hob.

At the same time, be conscious not to leave items that are seldom used lying about. Kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms will always look cleaner and clutter-free when belongings and kitchen appliances are tucked away behind cupboard doors. If you have open shelving in your kitchen, then consider installing kitchen cupboard doors or pocket doors to create a more crisp aesthetic. Another possibility is using drawer inserts to neatly hide and divide cooking utensils instead of having them cluttering the kitchen space. Leave only the essentials on display for a smoother and more streamlined cooking experience.

Organise your Pantry

Food storage is fundamental to every kitchen. However, so often, pantries are left neglected, quickly becoming cluttered, messy and unnavigable spaces. The most effective way to prevent your food from overflowing is to use storage organisers, such as baskets, containers and jars. These help to divide different sections of the pantry and allow for a cleaner experience. Freestanding drawers can also help to group useful ingredients together.

Recycle What You Don’t Use

Recycle whatever you don’t need. It is easy to get into the hoarder’s mindset and develop an attachment to useless kitchen appliances that crowd your cupboards. The truth of the matter is that your kitchen is home to plenty of items that will never see the light of day. Donate that five-year-old pancake maker collecting dust above your fridge. Be ruthless and realistic in your decision making and be cautious not to overvalue the worth of products that you rarely use.

Replace your Kitchen Cupboard Doors with Pull-down Tambers or Pocket Doors

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a minimalist, then this one’s for you. Some people use their kettle, toaster and coffee maker numerous times a day, so putting it in a cupboard after every use is more effort than it is worth. If you use your kitchen appliances multiple times a day but dream of a clutter-free kitchen, then you can install pull down shutters or tambers to hide them when they’re not in use.

If you have a small kitchen, a pocket door (which slides back into the frame of the unit) will allow you to hide these appliances to give your worktops a sleeker appearance. Alongside this, if you have little ones running about or accident prone pets, you’ll be reducing the risk off them running into the cupboard door that you’ve opened whilst you’re cooking.

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Use Housings to Disguise your Appliances

Having your fridge, freezer and dishwasher integrated into your kitchen cupboards will create a crisp and clean aesthetic in your kitchen, and you won’t be left with any gaps, cracks or machinary poking out. If you have an an older kitchen, you can integrate your microwave and oven with your kitchen unit, giving it a much more natural look and therefore reducing the bulky appearance.

Integrated appliances don’t have to break the bank either. When you choose to buy a second hand kitchen from The Used Kitchen Company, they often come with high end appliances too. You can rest assured that you’ll be getting a high-quality product for the best value.

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Live by a One In, One Out Rule

To live happily in a clutter-free kitchen, you’ll need a routine in place to ensure that it stays that way. The ‘one in, one out’ rule simply means that for every new appliance you bring out, you put one away, therefore helping you maintain a healthy balance of ‘stuff’.

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