How Can We Be More Savvy with our Household Bills

We are all for making living more sustainable which is why we created The Used Kitchen Company, with everything around us getting more and more expensive, rising energy bills and budgets tight, here are some ideas to make small changes to reduce your household bills



Reducing energy use to lower bills and reduce carbon footprint is something we are all keen to do, especially at this time.   You could save money just by remembering to turn standby mode off on your appliances and could even get a standby saver which will turn off all the appliances at once.

Think about the time of day you do your washing and what temperature you may use it on, running your cycle on 30 degrees is more energy efficient than a higher temp cycle. Also trying to use your tumble dryer less and hanging clothing in a warm room or outside when its sunny to save drying energy.



Really thinking about your energy use is something that we will all try to do now that prices have increased so much, and becoming savvy about how we are using it in the kitchen is probably the most important – for example overfilling the kettle will use more energy to boil it, so consider this if only making one cup of tea. The less hot water you use, the more you can save.

The dishwasher is also a good place to think about reducing energy. By reducing its use by one wash a week and only putting it on when it is totally full can make a huge difference. Having said that it may seem better to wash by hand, but it actually uses far more water. An average dishwasher load uses 3 gallons of water vs up to 20 gallons when washing by hand.

Did you know that if you cook with the lid on this is a simple way to reduce energy consumption, as it lessens cooking time and water usage, a great way to be more economical.



We know that turning light switches off when we don’t need them on is an obvious and important way to save on electricity, but there is also the option of changing to LED bulbs which are becoming more and more popular and affordable.

We hate the thought of waste, and all these small changes can help reduce your energy usage as well as making a small impact on the environment and saving money on your household bills.