From Showroom to Home – An Ex Display Kitchen Transformation

Transferring an ex-display kitchen from the showroom into the home may seem a complicated and difficult process. It is often hard to envision a display kitchen fitting into your new kitchen space. However, this transformation is fairly straightforward and can be carried out without difficulty. Display kitchens are carefully dismantled by the showroom to be delivered to the buyer’s home. The kitchen is then installed in the desired configuration, with units being rearranged to ensure a perfect fit. Additional units and appliances are sometimes purchased afterwards accompanied by the addition of new lighting and flooring.

This ex display Keller kitchen has been removed from a kitchen showroom in Liverpool and installed in the buyer’s home in Somerset. The kitchen units have been re-positioned to fit the longer shape of the buyer’s kitchen (differing from the square shape of the showroom space), with the tall units being separated and placed at different ends of the room. The addition of splash backs and kitchen accessories has also helped to enhance the kitchen, creating a fabulously clean look.

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