Find True Love This Summer with Our Island Contestants

Love Island is very much back on our TV screens, dividing opinion in its usual dramatic style. But here at The Used Kitchen Company, a different type of Island has gained even greater prominence. ‘The kitchen island has become the statement of the modern home’, according to kitchen recycling guru, Looeeze Grossman, director of The Used Kitchen Company (TUKC).

Love Island

Looeeze, who is tasked with valuing hundreds of second hand kitchens a month, says that often whether or not a kitchen comes with an island is one of the most significant factors in the decision making process. “An Island bestows many advantages beyond the obvious visual wow factor, including entertainment, food preparation and an interactive family space. You can also include your sink, electricity supply, butcher’s block, refrigerated doors and even a hob and extractor on your island.”

TUKC highlights the dilemma that lies behind the ‘island, or no island’, decision making process.  “Just as Love Island is a focal point of many people’s lives at the moment, kitchen islands have become a status symbol and a culinary fashion statement,” says Looeeze Grossman. “Having an island is so compelling for homeowners that we have sometimes needed to remind customers to double check whether it would be practical for their own needs.”

So how should the island decision making process work?  With 13 years in the industry, TUKC has some guidance to help you find the perfect match.

  • Get the measuring tape out and work out if your kitchen can accommodate an island. Ideally you will need at least 900mm clearance around the island so that you can move around with ease.
  • Ask yourself how much entertaining you will do in the kitchen. This is one of the key reasons for having an island. If you are a party-giving socialite, an island will be a godsend.
  • Will your family work at the kitchen island? From schoolwork to emails, an island will give you the perfect opportunity to help out with difficult homework tasks as you cook. An island is perfect for open plan living and allows you to be involved with family whilst getting on with your own tasks. Bear in mind that you may be better off with a large kitchen table if you think an island will just become a dumping ground for junk and paperwork.
  • Will an island promote or disrupt your kitchen workflow? When planning your kitchen, consider the ‘kitchen work triangle’ of sink, oven and refrigerator. Before you make any purchases, plan this out to see how an island would affect your productivity.

Now you’ve given yourself a reality check, you may well find that you want to couple up with a kitchen Island. But finding true love when it comes to your island can often be hampered by the size of your bank balance. Luckily, The Used Kitchen Company is here to help. Choosing a used or ex-display kitchen with island (or even island alone) can provide all of the same benefits as a brand new island but at a drastically reduced price.

With kitchens priced at half their original RRP or less, there’s always something at TUKC that will give your home the ‘wow factor’. Kitchens with islands can be found at The Used Kitchen Company from as little as £2000. TUKC also frequently has islands on sale as pieces of kitchen furniture in their own right and, with many of these being bespoke pieces, they can easily be painted a colour to match your existing kitchen.

Just remember the rules and rationale, head to or call 020 8349 1943 and you too could be going home with the love of your life.

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