Every Little Step Counts when Reducing Single Use Plastic in your Home

The Used Kitchen Company was set up to encourage homeowners and showrooms to recycle their kitchens instead of abandoning them to landfill. This is a great way to reduce waste and give new life to kitchens therefore being kinder to the environment and taking steps to a more sustainable future.

Plastic use reduction in the home is also a great way to be mindful of living sustainably. The kitchen produces the biggest waste of plastic in our homes, so let’s look at ways we can reduce its use and what changes can be made.

First, keep an eye on what you are throwing in your bin this will give you an idea on how you can save on plastic, separate the food waste from the plastic waste and then look at how this can be reduced further.

Perhaps look at using reusable alternatives to cling film and foil such as Natural Reusable Beeswax. Another more sustainable option are bowl covers, which are great as not only do they keep food fresh but are designed to be used again and again. Think about items you may be able to live without such as plastic straws which can easily be replaced with stainless steel ones.

If you are a parent of younger ones, you will know it’s hard to steer away from the plastic plates, cutlery, and cups, but there are now some great alternatives made from bamboo or silicone which are far more environmentally friendly then plastic.

The world is getting much more aware of the need for change and more alternatives are making their way into the market, just by thinking of some easy swaps we can make the small changes needed to reduce non-food waste and save tonnes from making their way to landfill.