Client Kitchen Before & After

Ever wondered how someone else’s kitchen could possibly fit into your home ? Look no further, check out the below Before & After photos of this used Keller kitchen which was originally situated in a London home and ended up in Plymouth.

Keller kitchen in situ at the original owners house in London. The huge island housed both the hob and sink back to back. It also had a separate run of tall units housing storage, fridges and freezer.
Keller kitchen installed in it’s new house in Plymouth in a very similar layout…
The tall larder unit which used to house the fridge/freezer has now been placed next to the oven and microwave housing and looks fabulous!
The new owners used their own electric hob – it originally had a gas burner and they have removed the sink from the island to give it a much more sleek and spacious feel.

It certainly shows how kitchens can so easily be rejigged to fit your space and enable you to have your dream kitchen whatever your budget.