Howdens Kitchen with Worktops and Range Cooker KC009091

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This kitchen will need to be dismantled and collected from Bedfordshire SG19 by end of May 2024


1 x 320 base unit (400 including frame) and 490 of including end panels
1 x space for range cooker
1 x 500 drawers x 4,  including frame with 35mm end panel on left
1 x corner cupboard left hand door 30mm right hand pullout door 330 with 35 mm return to meet left hand door
1 x  1000 double  unit each door 420 (500 including frame)
1 x 595 Dishwasher housing
1 x cupboard next to larder 320 (400 including frame) 435 including end panel

TALL UNITS (1950h)

1 x 500 Tall larder cupboard door


1 x 320mm wall cupboard (400 including frame) and 490mm including both end panels
1 x 320 wall cupboard (400 including frame)
1 x 1000 double wall cupboard, each door 420 (500 including frame each door)
1 x Wall cupboard above dishwasher 220 (300 including frame) 400 Wall including both end panels
1 x 520 Boiler housing cupboard
1 x cupboard door 220 (300 including frame) 335 including end panel
1 x Wall cupboard door 320 (400 including frame) 435 including end panel


Bosch built in dishwasher in good condition

No other appliances included