Ex Display Kindred Bedroom


Archived KC008261

Width across 103.9cm
Doors height 215.4cm
Doors width across 49.8cm
Wardrobes full height 233.5cm inc cornice and plinth
Wardrobes depth is 64.0cm
Top internal shelf above rail is about 28cm

Middle Top Section
Middle section cupboards above bed are 54.1cm height inc cornice and base panel
Middle section all 5 doors and gaps across is 250.2cm
Middle section depth is 17.9cm

Bedside table units
Depth is 48.9cm
Width across is 49.0cm
Height is 75.9cm

Width across of top part of headboard that sticks out is 151.2cm
Width across of rest of bed white part on headboard is 145.1cm
Height all in 118.8cm
Bed is about 18.5cm off the ground – lowest wooden part bar the legs
Bottom of bed width across is 145.1cm
Bed is 207.1cm long head to toe.