Large Clive Christian Kitchen With Island, Worktops and Appliances – Used

Large Clive Christian Kitchen With Island, Worktops and Appliances – Used


Sold KC008737

This ktichen will need to be dismantled by 7th January from Surrey GU1, please contact us for a dismantling and delivery quote,


No parking restrictions and the kitchen is on the ground floor.


4 x 710 cupboards
2 x 740 cupboard with drawer
2 x 300 drawer units (4 drawers in each)
1 x 470  bin storage
1 x 900 under sink cupboard
1 x 660 dishwasher housing
2 x 210mm tray storage (not Clive Christian)
1 x 530 cupboard with drawer


2 x 440 glazed cupboard above SMEG cooker (not Clive Christian)
2 x 600 cupboard
2 x 640 cupboard
1 x 1300 glazed and internally lit cupboard
1 x 210 AGA surround


1 x 1160 unit with 4 large drawers, 2 small drawers and cupboard
1 x 3000 unit including Meile fridge freezer with cupboard above


4 x 520 cupboard and drawer
4 x 520 drawers (4 drawers in each)


2750 wooden island top
122 and 124 black granite (either side of AGA)
Black granite which runs through the other units in AGA side of the kitchen, but this isn’t really usable worktop space
940 black granite to the right of the sink
2420 black granite piece with sink in the middle of this piece.
(there is some water damage to the 122 granite, which I have taken a photo of)


Miele Fridge Freezer in good condition
SMEG extractor fan in good condition
Perrin and Rowe Tap
SMEG electric double oven. We had an issue with the small oven when we turned it on, but this may be easily fixed as we have never used it.
Bosch dishwasher. Works and is relatively new.

Please note – All measurements are approximate.