Clive Christian Curtains – Used

£1500 a pair

Archived KC008791

These Clive Christian curtain will need to be collected from Manchester. They are priced at £750 a pair.

Curtain Pair A

2 x curtains 2800(w) each and 2600(h)
1 x 2600 wide curtain bar

Curtain Pair B

2 x 3000(w) x 2800(h) curtains

Curtain Pair C

4 x 2400(w) x 3000(h) curtains
450cm wide window area for top cloth

Curtain Pair D

2 x 2600(w) x 2850(h) curtains

Curtain Pair E

2 x 3000(w) x 2800(h) curtains