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Everhot 110i – Used

£4,950 KC008630

Ex Display Appliances – Neff and Siemens

Priced individually KC008611

Ex Display Miele Bundle of Appliances

£5,500(RRP £10,000) KC008575

SMEG Range Cooker – Used

£3,950 KC008424

Neptune TV Unit – Used

£3,200 KC008565

2 x Clive Christian Lamps – Used

priced individually KC008527

Ex Display Sormani Sofa

£1,650(RRP £4,200) KC008520

8 Clive Christian Chairs- Used

Priced individually KC008441-1

3 x Clive Christian Dressers – Used

priced individually KC008446

2 x Clive Christian Wardrobes – Used

priced individually KC008464

Chandelier – Used

£950 KC008461

2 x Stripey Rattan Sofas – Used

priced individually KC008449

Clive Christian Radiator Covers – Used

priced individually KC008445

Ex Display Wardrobe

£1,850 KC008413

Ex Display Wardrobe

£1,540 KC008412

Feather and Black Sienna Wardrobe – Used

£995 KC008305
further reduced

10 x Pieff Retro 1972 Dining Chairs – Used

priced individually KC008406

Ex Display Keuco Edition Vanity Unit

£2,450(RRP £3,846.86) KC008368

Ex Display Lignatur Solid Oak Vanity Unit

£3,050(RRP £6,977.40) KC008367

Ex Display Kaldewei Freestanding Washbasin

£975(RRP £2,428.80) KC008369

Miele Oven 90cms – Used

£3,250(RRP £8,649) KC008285

Ex Display Fisher & Paykel Appliances

priced individually KC008271

Ex Display/New Appliances and Lighting Sale

Priced Individually KC008235

Ex Display Wolf Downdraft

£2,995 KC008183

Brand New Bespoke Painted Bookcases

Priced individually at £3000 KC008173

Armchair – Used

£950 KC007838

2 x Leather Upholstered Side Tables- Used

Priced individually KC007836

Clive Christian Daybed -Used

£8000 each KC007606

Chalon Chairs – Used

£TBC KC007528

Ex-Display Armchair/Bed

£1,100(RRP £1,737) KC007008

Ex-Display Boffi Sink

£660 KC006999

Ex-Display LaMurrina Medusa Ceiling Lamp

£1,000(RRP £2,430) KC006922

Ex-Display LaMurrina Bubbles Ceiling Lamp

£1,500(RRP £3,800) KC006921

Ex-display LaMurrina Vanity Ceiling Lamp

£800(RRP £2,170) KC006918

Ex-display LaMurrina Python Ceiling Lamp

£1,000(RRP £2,500) KC006917

Ex-display LaMurrina Murano Table Lamp

£500(RRP £1,793) KC006912

Ex-display LaMurrina Murano Floor Lamp

£2,500(RRP £9,666) KC006911

Ex-Display Missoni Standing Light

£800(RRP £1,290) KC006910

Ex-Display Vanity Console

£2,400(RRP £5,000) KC006908

Ex-display Denim Arm Chair Set

£2,500(RRP £7,200) KC006906

Ex Display Kico TV Console

£2,190(RRP £7,299) KC006557

Ex Display Spray Lacquered Wardrobe

£7,590(RRP £10,150) KC005890

Ex Display 9 Light Modern Chandelier

£595(RRP £995) KC005827

Ex Display Cascade Crystal Light

£2,495(RRP £4,995) KC005800
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