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Not only do we sell used and ex-display kitchens, we also sell a wide selection of other ex display and second hand furniture at heavily discounted prices.

Second Hand Furniture

Our second hand furniture includes bedroom furniture, designer lighting, bathroom furniture and home furnishings. Please click on any of the items below for more detailed information.

Register with us today and we will email you as soon as new items come in! If you have any questions about any of our items, please feel free to contact us directly.

All items sold subject to our terms and conditions.

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Ex Display Miele Extractor

£1,800 KC008176

Ex Display Wolf Downdraft

£2,995 KC008183

Brand New Bespoke Painted Bookcases

Priced individually at £3000 KC008173

Ex Display Painted Wardrobes

£5,800 KC008013
Auction ends:

Cassina Couch – Used

£2,900 KC007946

Ex Display Salisbury Bedroom

£1,325(RRP £7,395) KC008044

Designer Bed – Used

£1,975 KC007948

Ex Display Faber 90cm Nest Extractor

£1,440(RRP £3,000) KC008038

2 x Chalon Bar Stools – Used

£500 per stool KC007994

4 x Clive Christian Chairs – Used

£900 per chair KC007978

Bernhardt Verdi Bedroom Furniture – Used

Priced individually KC007925

2 x JCB Commodes – Used

£850 each (RRP £2150 each) KC007931

2 x Bespoke Armchairs with Circular Gueridon Malmaison Table – Used

Chairs - £850 each (RRP £1600 each), Table - £400 (RRP £850) KC007935

2 x Wooden Roussillon Side Tables – Used

£300 each (RRP £550) KC007932

2 x JNL Versailles Wooden Mirrors – Used

£1250 each (RRP £3250) KC007929

Julian Chichester Storage Chest – Used

£850(RRP £1,800) KC007927

2 x Cabiatte Large Chairs – Used

£650 each (RRP £1400 each) KC007937

Parker & Farr Mackintosh Chair – Used

£1,300(RRP £2,600) KC007923

JCB Isabelle Dresser – Used

£2,250(RRP £4,500) KC007930

Armchair – Used

£950 KC007838

3 x Charles Edwards Lucida Lantern – Used

Priced individually KC007837

2 x Leather Upholstered Side Tables- Used

Priced individually KC007836

Gas Aga – Used

£1,750 KC007794

Chalon Dresser – Used

£1,750 KC007210

Clive Christian Daybed -Used

£8000 each KC007606

Bed – Used


Chalon Chairs – Used

£TBC KC007528

TV Unit – Used

£1,750 KC007465

Gas Aga – Used

£1,450 KC007189

Ex-Display Armchair/Bed

£1,100(RRP £1,737) KC007008

Ex-Display Boffi Vanity

£925 KC007002

Ex-Display Boffi Sink

£660 KC006999

Ex Display Boffi Bath

£950 KC006998

Ex-Display LaMurrina Medusa Ceiling Lamp

£1,000(RRP £2,430) KC006922

Ex-Display LaMurrina Bubbles Ceiling Lamp

£1,500(RRP £3,800) KC006921

Ex-display LaMurrina Vanity Ceiling Lamp

£800(RRP £2,170) KC006918

Ex-display LaMurrina Python Ceiling Lamp

£1,000(RRP £2,500) KC006917

Ex-display LaMurrina Murano Table Lamp

£500(RRP £1,793) KC006912

Ex-display LaMurrina Murano Floor Lamp

£2,500(RRP £9,666) KC006911

Ex-Display Missoni Standing Light

£800(RRP £1,290) KC006910

Ex-Display Vanity Console

£2,400(RRP £5,000) KC006908

Ex-display Denim Arm Chair Set

£2,500(RRP £7,200) KC006906

Ex Display 12 Light Carisbrooke

£595(RRP £1,195) KC006612

Ex Display Kico TV Console

£2,190(RRP £7,299) KC006557

Ex Display Spray Lacquered Wardrobe

£7,590(RRP £10,150) KC005890

Ex Display 9 Light Modern Chandelier

£595(RRP £995) KC005827

Ex Display Cascade Crystal Light

£2,495(RRP £4,995) KC005800

Ex Display 9 Branch Murano Light

£4,995(RRP £12,995) KC005805

Ex Display Kolarz Crystal Bar Light

£750(RRP £1,295) KC005799

Ex Display Murano Light

£1,995(RRP £3,995) KC005796
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