Used Smallbone Kitchen


Sold KC005016


Smallbone kitchens never fail to impress, with its solid, yet elegant appearance. Even a used Smallbone can look like new once it has been repainted. This kitchen has been dismantled and will need to be collected from Bedford asap.


Easy get in through garden gate to the back door into the kitchen . Will provide daily parking ticket


1 x 650 dishwasher housing
1 x 660 cupboard
1 x 620 pan cupboard
1x 690 washing machine housing
1 x 620 under-sink cupboards (a little damp and marked inside due to leak (Door front fine)
1 x 720 Housing space for baskets
1x 640 built in book shelf
2x 670 Fridge and freezer housing
1x 310 and 1x 220 folding cupboard with carousel


1x 320 cupboard
1 x 670 cupboard
1x 600 cupboard
1x 600 cupboard for boiler
1x 500 cupboard
1x 690 cupboard
1x 350 deep cupboard
1x 1,220 double glass fronted cupboard
1x 350 Wine rack
1x 610 stoves oven


1 x Hotpoint dishwasher ( very good condition2ys old)
1x Bosch Dishwasher (3yrs old very good working order