Smallbone Kitchen Units

Smallbone Kitchen Units


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Smallbone Kitchen Units.

One side of Kitchen consists of these 4 sections all joined:

1. Tall cupboard end unit: 64 cm wide, 58cm deep (inside) and 225cm high

2. Middle section: overall width: 172cm
Comprises of 1 unit with 2 draws (one big with sliding internal division, and one cutlery draw): 60 wide, 58 deep, 89 high
1 unit with three equal draws: 50 wide, 58 deep, 89 high
1 unit with 1 small cutlery draw and cupboard: 62 wide, 89 high, 58 deep

Above are 2 glass fronted wall units with glass doors each 94 cm high, 31 deep, 60 wide, intersected by 2 shelves in the middle 50cm wide, 31 deep and
94 high

3. End unit with Fridge and two cupboards stacked on top: 62 wide, 225 high,
58 deep

4. End open shelves: 40cm wide, 60 deep

Facing side of kitchen is an L shape:

Long side: 68 deep, 89 high, 355 long
Consists of bottom draw, 1 standard sink plus one tiny sink, and draining board, underneath cupboard, Candy dishwasher (c 7 years old) 60cm wide) and end shelves (same dimensions 68 deep, 89 high, 31 wide)

Shorter side 149 cm deep (short side of L) At the corner facing diagonally, NEFF gas oven unit, 60cm diagonal width Above it extractor fan, with light onto 4 hobs