Sheraton Kitchen with Stone Worktops and Some Appliances – Used


Archived KC006647

This kitchen will need to be dismantled and collected from Banbury, Oxforshire by 4th October.


1 x 450 unit with 2 drawers in
1 x 500 cupboard
1 x 350 x 350 corner unit with carousel
1 x 600 door for dishwasher
1 x 900 under sink cupboard
1 x 350 x 350  corner unit with carousel
1 x 600 door for washing machine


1x 150 drinks rack
2 x 500 unit with 5 levels of storage
1 x 300 unit with 4 drawers and a shelf
1x 900 over fridge unit
1x 2300 pullout unit with drawers
2x 600 appliance housings


188.5cm x 94cm with cut out for extractor fan and hob
214cm x 57cm with cut out for sink
154.5cm x 58.5cm


Ikea dishwasher – no idea how old but sold with house and was told it works
Ignis washing machine
extractor fan – Cooke and Lewis 90cm widex11.5cm deep and rises to 31cms tall