Plain English Kitchen


Plain English Kitchen


This fabulous kitchen is from Plain English.


1120mm h x 1200 w (internal width 880) x 260 d

The over counter cupboard on the left of the Aga has an internal width of 1025mm of usable space and a depth of 280mm. and height of 1120mm


The under-counter cupboard on the right of the Aga has an internal width of 1240mm and a depth of 520mm.

The under-counter cupboard on the left has an internal width of 1240mm and a depth of 520mm.
Both of these cupboards are lined inside with the same paneling as the outside have two doors and are free standing. There is no filler inside these cupboards.

The under-counter cupboards that run down the other-side of the kitchen have an accumulative length of 19700mm, which is made up of a 600mm wide cupboard on the far left, then a 350mm wide pull down bin cupboard, 250mm wide draws, of which there are 4, a 500mm cupboard, then the butler sink, (which has no cupboard below it, then a 450mm integrated dishwasher unit. (see pictures for clarification).

There is also a shallow unit on either side of the Aga, with two small draws, one larger draw and a cupboard,

Bespoke finish, hand painted cupboards in farrow and ball paint (colour is ‘borrowed light’), ceramic butler sink, half dishwasher, fridge freezer, wooden worktop.

Plain English Kitchen £7,500

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