Painted Kitchen With Utility Room, Island, Worktops and Some Appliances – Used


Sold KC006671

This kitchen needs to be dismantled and collected by 6th November from Oxon RG9, please contact us for a dismantling and delivery quote.


Kitchen and utility room on ground floor.
One step. No parking restrictions.


1 x 280 open corner unit with 2 shelves
1 x 300 cupboard with drawer
1 x 600 dishwasher housing (dishwasher not included)
1 x 1000 double cupboard under 2 sinks (included)
1 x corner cupboard 300+300 with hinged door
1 x 500 triple drawer with air vent in skirting below 480W x 80H
1 x 500 double pan drawer
1 x 300 open housing for trays
1 x 400 corner cupboard

Height of units 910 included 30mm granite worktop and 160mm skirting


1 x 800 double wall cupboard
1 x corner cupboard 280 +280 with hinged door
1 x 400 wall cupboard
1 x 2400 wooden canopy over Aga with mantel shelf. Height above worktop 1144
1 x 600 double wall cupboard
Height of wall cupboards 820

TALL UNITS (2140h)

1 x 908 fridge freezer housing
1 x 500 larder cupboard. Depth of shelves 220 due to pipe housing behind.
End panels bead and butt cladding- Left end 660 D and right end 300 D


1860 x 1640 with single piece of granite worktop
Height 910 including 30mm granite worktop
3 x 400 cupboards
1 x 400 pull out bin
2 x 500 D corner cupboards
1 x 800 double pan drawer


Blue Pearl granite 30mm deep
2500 x 590 D with 2 openings for sinks each 450W x 400D
1400 x 690 D
1123 x 690 D


AMANA – side by side freezer on left (400) with cold water/ice dispenser and fridge (500) on right.
NOVY extractor fan (550 W x 300 D) in housing above gas hob
FRANKE stainless steel sinks x 2
FRANKE triple tap with water filter



1 x 1000 double cupboard – dummy drawer front on left and normal drawer on right.
Pipe housing at back of left side of cupboard 210 W x 150 D
1 x 500 cupboard (extending inside to the right by a further 500 behind tumble drier) and drawer
1 x 800 double cupboard with butler sink above (not included)
1 x bead and butt cladded end panel 860 H x 690 D

Total height of base units 890 including 30mm granite. No skirting as in kitchen


1 x 1000 double cupboard, shelf depth 280. Pipe housing at back of left side of cupboard 220W x 200 D
1 x 1100 double cupboard, shelf depth 280


1 x 700 double cupboard full length 770 D. Stands 140 in front of:
1 x 800 double cupboard with 6 shelves 520 D
1 x 600 cupboard above fridge (not included) 290 D with bead and butt cladding both sides below cupboard


Blue Pearl granite 30mm deep
230 x 390 D (due to pipe housing behind)
918 x 600 D
2660 x 690 D with 500W x410D opening for butler sink (not included). Joined in middle around tap
Clayton Munroe patine knobs throughout
Atriflo mixer tap included