Approx 9yr Old Kitchen with Some Appliances

Approx 9yr Old Kitchen with Some Appliances


Archived KC003778

Approx 9yr Old Kitchen with Some Appliances

This needs to be dismantled and collected from Somerset by end of next week,


2 x 1000 drawer unit
2 x 450 cupboard unit
2 x 600 cupboard unit
1 x 300 cupboard unit
1 x 1200 undersink unit
1 x 600 dishwasher housing unit
1 x 500 cupboard unit

1 x worktop 151cm x 73cm
1 x worktop 207cm x 73cm
Worktop: 2 sections, 159cm x 64cm, & 246cm x 64cm (with apron to 69cm for sink housing)

ISLAND (2250 x 800)

Houses integral microwave (included), as well as 3x cupboards, 1x shelves, 1x drawer.
Countertop has space for drop-down power sockets (included and working, but in need of repair or replacement)
Worktop 233cm x 125cm (at deepest point of apron)


1 x 500 cupboard
2 x 600 cupboard
2 x 600 Plate Rack Housing
1 x 1000 double cupboard


Over-Aga unit
Width 2550
Height 1300
Depth 350
Cupboards width 510
Aperture width 1430

Fridge/Freezer Housing
Width 1550
Height 2200
Aperture Width 910
Aperture Height 1800
Pull Out Larder cupboards 300
Overhead cupboard 900

The kitchen is located in Somerset.