Large Used John Lewis Kitchen, Granite Worktops and Appliances


Sold KC005237

This kitchen will need to be dismantled and collected from Petersfield, Hampshire mid June, date TBC



600mm wide utensil drawer
600mm wide x 290mm deep Pot drawer x 4
300mm wide drawer x 3
300mm wide l/h cupboard
500mm wide drawer x 6
500mm wide x 280mm deep drawers
600mm wide under sink r/h cupboard
500mm wide hidden corner cupboard
500mm wide x 220mm deep wicker baskets x 2
500mm wide l/h cupboard
500mm r/h cupboard with cages x 3
500mm central pull out cupboard dual level
300mm central pull out cupboard dual level


600mm wide x 490mm depth l/h cupboard
600mm wide x 710mm depth r/h cupboard
600mm wide x 700mm depth r/h cupboard


400mm wide drawer
300mm wide r/h cupboard
900mm wide x 290mm deep two handle drawer x 2
900mm wide x 140mm deep two handle drawer
300mm wide l/h and r/h corner hidden cupboard
500mm wides 140mm deep drawer x 2


1220mm deep x 500mm wide four glass shelf display unit Sx 2 with 3 shelves between units, ie like top dresser


Falcon 1092 ct dual fuel range, hot plate burner x 5. glide out grill. Oven x 2 and warmer/storage drawer
Miele h5140 oven
Miele dg steam oven
Miele esw 5080-29 food warming drawer
Miele m8261-2 microwave
Miele g1282 dishwasher x 2
Amana fridge and freezer, double door opening, crack in lower drawer plastic

Dishwashers not included, but available to buy separately for £400