Large Bespoke Painted Kitchen with Island and Worktops – Used


Archived KC006661

All offers to be considered
This large bespoke painted kitchen will need to be dismantled and collected from Bolton by w/c 2nd November.
There is a bit of wear and tear, please see last few photos.

BASE UNITS– Running left to right from main kitchen door.

20 x 400w x 140h Underbench drawers
2 x 400w x 570 H underbench single cupboards
3 x 800w x 570 H Underbench double door cupboards ( this includes the cupboard under the sink)
1x400w x 570 H access corner cupboard with pull out lazy susan (850 ml w internal dimensions)
1 x 1000 w x 570 h underbench double door cupboard
1x900w x570h underbench double door cupboard
2x400Wx715h underbench cupboard (door and drawer facing strapped/open together)

Fridge and Glass door Cabinet
2x700w x 715 H underbench cupboard (these go under the glass fronted cupboards) double door units

Island Bench cupboards
4 x 300wx715h single door cupboards


1x400w x 900H single wall cupboard
2 x 800wx900H double door wall cupboard
1x100wx900h double door wall cupboard
1x500w x 900 H access door but corner storage cupboard (750 internal storage)
1x500wx900h single door wall cupboard
1x600wx900h single door wall cupboard

Fridge and glass fronted cabinet
2x600wx900h glass fronted wall cupboards (can be lit from within)
4 x 600wx180h drawers to go under glass cabinets


2x2160w x 400 Single door (made up of 3 small doors strapped together) larder cupboars with pull out larder baskets/cabinets
2x495wx355H over fridge top hinged cupboards

Top Cornice 125 H


2060w x 1220H (this measurement includes the shelf)
Surround side panels 375w ( internal gap for cooker 1180 w x 790H


Black quartz 30ml w

1st Run 1220w x 600 deep
Section around the hob/fire surround 520w x 240 deep x 2 pieces either side

2nd Run 1810wx600 deep
3rd run 1010w x 600 deep
Sink section (cut out for 1 ½ sinks) 2045wx670deep
4th run 1660w x 600 deep (tapering to 340 deep)

Quartz benchtop on the fridge/glass fronted cabinet)
1x735w x620 deep
1x 740wx620 deep

Island Benchtop in wood possibly Oak  finish.

2000 l x 1000 w with ogee edge finish


1x siemens integrated dishwasher (good working order)