Kitchen With Worktops and Neff Appliances – Used


Archived KC005735

This kitchen needs to be removed as soon as possible with at least 2/3 weeks of notice, but by the 1st May – Please contact us for a dismantle and delivery quote.


The kitchen is on the first floor of the building. There are 2 big lifts and also stairs. The flat is in Birmingham city centre, therefore is a quite busy area. However there are car parking around the building, there is a private car park space (only for one car of standard size – no big van).


1 x 490 Cupboard
1 x 590 NeFF Fridge freezer housing
1 x 390 cupboard and drawer
1 x 590 NEFF Oven housing
1 x 590 cupboard
1 x 590 under sink cupboard
1 x 440 under sink cupboard
2 x 440 under peninsula cupboard


2 x 600 Wall cupboards


2170 x 900
2 x Stool


1 x NEFF OVEN 600×400 (Excellent conditions)
1 x NEFF HOB 600×400 (good conditions)
1 x NEFF HOOD 600x1400x500 (good conditions)
1 x NEFF fridge Freezer 730×600 (good conditions)
1 x SINK 1000×500 (good conditions)
1 x Proline Microwave (good conditions)