Howdens Kitchen With Granite Worktops and Appliances – Used


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This kitchen needs to be dismantled by 27th May from Truro TR4, for a quote for dismantle and delivery please contact us.


Ground floor access, no steps and private drive to park.


1 x 400 with drawer above and door below
1 x 1000, 3 drawer
1 x 400 with drawer above and door below
2 x 600, 3 drawer
2 x 600, one for fridge and one for freezer
1 x 500 with Le Mans carousel
6 x 400 single door
1 x 300 drawer with 3 metal sliders within (all come out together)
1 x 200 drawer with 2 metal shelves that all pull out together
1 x 800 with 2 deep drawers and with extra pull out cutlery drawer in top drawer (wooden) – under hob FYI.
1 x 500 with single door
1 x La man cupboard,
2 x 400 under sink doors
1 x 600 dishwasher integrated housing
1 x 300 with single door
1 x 650 bookshelf with 2 shelves and integral lighting


1 x 500 glazed upper units with doors and lighting
1 x 800 upper bookshelf with lighting with 2 shelves
1 x 500 glazed upper units with doors and lighting
2 x 600 low height units, height = 430mm, forming shelf for TV.
Space for TV 1200 wide in total, gap is 1160 wide by 648mm high
2 x 600 upper units with single doors
1 x 500 upper unit (this is the one with the steam damage)
1 x corner unit, each run being 320mm. Just shelves inside.
1 x 400 upper unit with door
1 x 300 upper unit with door

TALL UNITS (2180 h)

1 x 600 oven housing
1 x 300, with 5 shelves that all come out together


Speckled brown granite in following runs:
2000mm wide by 610mm deep, with sink cut out.
980mm wide by 610 deep under window (by kettle) – an extra piece of granite to fill in here!
Peninsula granite: 2740 max length, 940 wide, with hob cut out. BUT: the end is rounded AND there is a small cut out for the radiator (!), so realistic size is more like 940mm wide by 2450mm, with hob cut out, as this takes off the rounded end and the cut out for the radiator
2440mm long by 610mm to left of TV
2330mm by 610mm to right of TV
1310 by 610 to left of oven


Bosch double oven (full working order) with fan oven and grill
Induction hob by Bosch – full working order
1.5 Sink and tap, with draining board = Carron Phoenix (very light bloom to the brown in places) with waste disposal unit and Franke cold water filter. All full working order.
Neff extractor in full working order
Under counter fridge and separate freezer are included for free, Lamona brand, with significant wear and tear (e.g. cracked drawers etc)
Bosch dishwasher – full working order  (some damage to door in next section).
All appliances about 7 years old now, but all well treated and clean.