Exclusive Offer for all TUKC Customers Fornino Al Fresco 75 Pizza Oven with Tuscan Grill and Log Rack

Exclusive Offer for all TUKC Customers Fornino Al Fresco 75 Pizza Oven with Tuscan Grill and Log Rack


We are super excited to launch this exclusive offer for the Fornino Al Fresco 75 Pizza Oven to all TUKC customers. This oven comes in red, black or cream and the offer includes the log rack, tuscan grill, GI metal pizza cutter and a Valoriani gift set (including apron, bandana, tshirt and cap).


This is a ‘ready to go’ oven. The Fornino 75 is mobile, weatherproof, and ready for all cooking situations. A stunning wood fired oven which cooks food with a real flame, giving an authentic taste and feel of the Mediterranean. It offers space and versatility for cooking your favourite pizzas, breads, and Mediterranean cuisine. The heat retention qualities of the Fornino sets it apart from all other similar sized ovens on the market.

The Fornino 75  is a very versatile oven and cooks to perfection much of what you might normally cook in an electric or gas oven (including pizza) with the added benefit of the oven doubling up as a BBQ when using the Tuscan Grill .

The exceptional build quality of the Fornino 75 offers a great improvement on other smaller pizza ovens on the market right now. It’s overall cooking capacity is market leading for such an oven due to its world-leading 4cm-thick oven floor and 75cm x 75cm refractory clay dome and excellent levels of insulation underneath and weatherproof shell. This allows you to cook two 30cm pizzas simultaneously.

The Fornino 75 also carries a stainless-steel, rust-proof flue and rain-cap.  Furthermore, what comes out of the flue will not land homeowners in any trouble with clean-air laws, as all Valoriani UK ovens have DEFRA approval to operate in Smoke Control Areas.  The oven comes with a sturdy, self-assembly metal, four-wheeled stand, which makes them fully mobile.


Inside dimensions: Dome is 75cm diameter (Ø) and centre floor to dome apex is 33cm
Outside dimensions cm: 101cm×100cm
Outside dimensions (with stand and wheels) cm: 101cmx100cmx164cm
Oven Mouth: 36cm×21cm
Weight: 220kg (4 man lift)
Flue manifold diameter (Ø): 15cm
Pizza capacity (wood fired): 2x 30cm


Dome/oven floor – refractory composite/clay
Outside dome – galvanised steel with weatherproof paint finish (+ lifting eye)
Flue and cap – stainless steel
Front facia/oven mouth – stainless steel