Ex-Display Schroder Handleless Units

Ex-Display Schroder Handleless Units


Archived KC006175

Ex-Display Schroder Cemento dark basalt and Cemento light oxide. Melamine with a concrete structure. Mechanical push to open. Carcass colour graphite and shadow.

BASE UNITS (carcass graphite)

780 high on 100 high plinth.
1 x 300 1 interior drawer. 1 pull-out for bottles and bread bag.
1 x 1200 Sink base. 2 pull-outs
1 x 300 1 pull-out. 1 interior drawer. 1 interior pull-out.

WALL UNITS (carcass shadow)

1 x 450 (left hinge) 910 high. Finished sides
1 x 900 780 high. Glass unit.
1 x 450 (right hinge) 910 high. Finished sides
Round LED recessed under-cupboard and in-cupboard (glass unit) lights with sensor switch.

Please note- The worktop & sink are not included or available.