Ex Display Dada Kitchen with Island, Worktops and Gaggenau Appliances

£84,000 (RRP £179,550)

Sold KC006682

A rare opportunity to purchase this stunning kitchen from one of Italy’s most sought after designers. The kitchen price will include the dismantle, wrapping and delivery depending on postcode.

ISLAND (Approx. 4240mm Long x 1240mm Wide x 950mm High)

– Contains Gaggenau Vario Hobs with Induction, Gas Wok, Tapan Yaki and Barbeque Grill (All controls front mounted)
– Contains Gaggenau Dishwasher.
– Worktop 60mm Built Up Ceppo De Gre Natural Stone with Drop Front for Hobs
– Doors in Dada Special Ferrovia Steel
– Illuminated Open Drawer Section with Walnut Veneer Pull Outs
– VVD Pull Out Working Trolly
– All Servo Assisted Electronic Drawer Opening
– Snack Breakfast Bar Table in Walnut Veneer on Pewter Frame.
– Internal Cutlery Dividers and Drawer Liners in Smoked Oak.

SINK RUN (Approx., 3000mm Long x 620mm Deep x 950mm High)

– Contains Special Stone Sink with Dropped Drainer
– Worktop Built Up Black Textured Lava Stone
– Drawers in Dada Special Ferrovia Steel
– Splashback / Wall Covering Black Textured Lava Stone
– Dada Illuminated Utensil Bar Mounted onto the Stone
– All Servo Assisted Electronic Drawer Opening

WALL UNITS (Approx., 2400mm Wide x 1440mm High x 340mm Deep)

– VVD Wall Units, Glass on All Sides
– Pewter Frames, Hinge Opening
– Internal Lights

TALL UNITS (Approx. 4500mm Long x 800mm Deep x 3040mm High)

– Contains Gaggenau 400 Series Oven, Steam Combi and Warming Drawer
– Contains Gaggenau Full Height Fridge and Full Height Freezer
– Dada `Pivot` Colum houses the Cooking Appliances
– Tall Section In Walnut Veneer and Glass Doors with Internal Lights
– (Tall Section Could be Cut Down and Top Boxes not Used)


– Gaggenau VI 422111 Induction Hob
– Gaggenau VR 414110 Electric Grill
– Gaggenau VP 414110 Teppan Yaki Grill
– Gaggenau VG 425211 Gas Wok Hob
– Gaggenau DF 480163 Vario Dishwasher
– Gaggenau BO 471101 400 Series Pyrolytic Oven
– Gaggenau BS 475101 400 Series Steam Combi Oven with Sous-Vide
– Gaggenau WS 461100 400 Series Warming Drawer
– Gaggenau RC 289203 200 Series Full Height Fridge
– Gaggenau RF 287202 200 Series Full Height Freezer