Crown Imperial Kitchen, Laminate Worktops and Bosch Appliances – Used


Archived KC005395

This Crown Imperial Kitchen is only 3 years old.  It needs to be dismantled and collected from London SE13 asap


Kitchen is located on the ground floor.
There is a small step up to the threshold of the front door of the house and there is another single small step down into the kitchen.
Access to kitchen can be arranged between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday; for alternative hours by arrangement.


1 x 400 angled corner cupboard
1 x 550 cupboard w/ shelves
2 x 600 pull-out drawers (set of 3 drawers each)
1 x 600 hidden corner cupboard (door measurement only) w/ interior width of 1050 (includes pull-out swivel shelves)
1 x 150 bottle or spice pull-out cupboard
1 x 600 dishwasher housing
1 x 600 hidden under-sink cupboard (door measurement only) w/ interior width of 1000
1 x 600 washing machine housing
1 x 100 open shelf (for tray storage)


1 x 500 cupboard w/ shelves
2 x 600 cupboards w/ shelves
1 x 600 pull-out cupboard for Hood housing
1 x 600 cupboard w/ shelves
1 x 400 cupboards w/ shelves
1 x 600 cupboard for boiler housing
1 x 400 cupboard w/ shelves
1 x 300 cupboard w/ shelves

TALL UNIT (2300h)

1 x 600 oven housing


600 deep = worktop depth all the way around
3060 long = lefthand worktop run (from angled corner to the opposite wall)
2000 long = righthand worktop + unit run (from end of Tall Unit to the opposite wall)
1400 wide = back worktop run (where the sink is), in between lefthand and righthand run


1 Bosch induction hob (in working order, no damages to surface)
1 Bosch integrated hood for hob (needs new grease filter)
1 Bosch dishwasher
1 Bosch washing machine
1 Bosch double oven (integrated into Tall Cupboard unit)
1 Bosch firdge/freezer (ready for integration; cupboard not included as this was not originally part of the kitchen)