Cesar Kitchen With Island, Worktops and Gaggenau Appliances – Used


Sold KC007342

This  Italian Cesar kitchen is available to dismantle between 4th Oct – 7th Nov from London SW6, please contact us for a dismantling and delivery quote.


Ground floor kitchen
Parking restrictions (need pay and display)


1 x 600 cupboard
1 x 900 under sink double drawers. Note that under the sink there is an insinkerator and sink pipe so only the bottom drawer is usable as a drawer
1 x 600 dishwasher housing
1 x 900 under hob double drawer. Top drawer contains a pullout cutlery draw. Bottom drawer standard drawer
1 x 600 cupboard (reduced depth cupboard due to column)
1 x 600 pull out storage. Sige system of pull out storage to give access to corner space


1 x 4360 x 600 worktop (also includes the sink + hob). The end of the worktop is depth 1280 because it’s an L shape

TALL UNITS (2220h)

1 x 600  pull out larder from Sisco Sistem. (The runners are a bit stiff so need oiling)
1 x 600 cupboard with shelves
1 x 600  oven housing
1 x 600 combi-steam oven, then conventional oven housing
1 x 600 freezer housing
1 x 600 fridge-freezer housing


(oven side)
1 x 600 fake cupboard door (houses the wine cooler)
2 x 600 cupboard

(hob side)
1 x 1200 double drawers (vertical arrangement)
1 x 600 fake cupboard door (houses the wine cooler)

(wine cooler end)
1 x 170  pull out storage
1 x 660 wine cooler housing
1 x 170  pull out storage

1 x 1300 x 1820  worktop (worktop overhangs on one side to allow for barstools. Overhang amount is 300)
The total dimensions of the unit on which the worktop sits is 1000 x 1820 x 940 (w x l x h)


2 x gaggenau ovens – they need a deep clean, but in reasonable/good condition. I can’t tell what model it is (looks like a 200 Series based on the combo-steam oven – see below). Both are side opening
1 x gaggenau combi-steam oven – good condition (I can see from the sticker that the model is Series 200 BS250110/05 – this might give a clue about how old the other appliances are)
1 x gaggenau induction hob (4 areas – 3 small, 1 large; including button) – good condition with a few tiny scratches
1 x gaggenau hob extractor – good condition
1 x gaggenau wine cooler – good condition
1 x Mielle fridge/freezer – needs a deep clean but looks to be in reasonable/good condition
1 x Mielle freezer – needs a deep clean but looks to be in reasonable/good condition
1 x Smeg dual sink (with insinkerator) – minor scratches in both sinks and discolouration around the plug hole
1 x Bosch dishwasher – good condition