Bespoke Kitchen With Island, Granite Worktops and Appliances – Used

Bespoke Kitchen With Island, Granite Worktops and Appliances – Used


Sold KC006727

This kitchen will need to be dismantled and collected end of November from London W8, please contact us for a dismantling and delivery quote.


Kitchen is on the ground floor in a terraced house with a few steps leading up to the main entrance of the house. Wide door and kitchen close to the door.


1 x 500 cupboard
1 x 600 oven housing

TALL UNITS (2270h)

1 x 600 oven housing
1 x 920 fridge housing  1780h


Please note that they are flat back corner cabinets

Height 2370
Flat back width 1100/1120

Cupboard 1 with Broom compartment
Higher opening has H46.5 cm
Lower opening has H150cm, on the left, it is all open to store brooms, hoover etc, on the left it is shelved inside
Depth of the openings is 54cm, and the inner width as well.

Cupboard 2 with cutlery drawer
Cutlery drawer width is 50cm
Higher and lower openings are both shelved and have a door width of 45cm with more space on the inside and back wall width of 54cm. Depth of 52-54 cm
On the side of Cupboard 2, there is a small attached table of 80 cm height and 54cm Width


2340 width

side 1

2 x 390 under sink cupboard
1 x 600 dishwasher housing
2 x 390 bin and pull out storage

Side 2

2 x 390 cupboards
1 x 600 shelves
2 x 390 cupboards


All appliances included