Arco Floor Lamp – Designed by Castiglioni Brothers

Arco Floor Lamp – Designed by Castiglioni Brothers


Archived KC005105

Designed by Castiglioni Brothers in 1962, the Arco floor lamp is an iconic example of 20th century design that has now garnered legendary status.  The Castiglioni brothers drew their inspiration for the Arco lamp from something they saw every day: a streetlight. Using commercially available parts, they set out to design a piece that was technically innovative and visually appealing—a lamp that was functional but wouldn’t need to be stepped around. They finished it with a marble base, knowing that the same weight would take up less space, allowing the Arco to live in—not take over—the room it illuminated.


Dimensions: H:2500 W:2200


Marble base with a little bit of chipping at the front edge.
6yrs old
Needs to be collected from London W1