Approx 4yr old Kitchen, Island, Corian Worktops and Appliances

Approx 4yr old Kitchen, Island, Corian Worktops and Appliances


Archived KC004093

Approx 4yr old Kitchen with Island, Worktops and Appliances

This needs to be dismantled and collected from London SW11


1 x 600 integrated dish washer housing
2 x 150 pull out wracks for bottles
1 x 450 cupboard
1 x 600 under-sink cupboard


2 x 450 wall cabinets
1 x 600 wall cabinet
1 x 1000 top box cabinet with double doors (530 H)


1 x 300 double cabinet
1 x 450 double cabinet
1 x 900 two glazed doors cabinet with pull out larder that rotates 180%


1 x 1850 x 900 island with 2 deep pan drawers (one with a metal insert and one with a timber plate wrack) and 4 cutlery drawers with a combination of timber and metal inserts. Dimensions based on a pure white Corian Work top that is 380 thick.


1 x walnut panel 580 x 2290
1 x walnut panel 520 x 2200


Pure white Corian L shaped work top in one piece which includes a sink and drainer on one side and a cut out for a gas/electric hob on the other side. The size of the sink is 530 x 400 and the cut out for the hob is 850 x 500. The size of one length of the L shape run where the sink goes is 3050 x 630 and the other is 2380 x 610. The Corian worktop has a 560 H up-stand that is joined to look like it is made out of the same piece as the work top and is segmented to allow for a 1200 stainless steel splash-back behind the hob (splash-back not included in price but welcome to have if it dismantles undamaged).


1 x Gaggenau extra wide over 900 wide
1 x Gaggenau extractor fan 1200 wide
1 x mixer tap for sink