3yr Old Schiffini One Kitchen with Island, Worktops and Appliances


Sold KC004879

This kitchen needs to be dismantled and collected from London, SW6, by the end of September.


Main run;
1 x 600 dishwasher housing
2 x 600 under-sink cupboards
1 x 600 cupboard
1 x 600 cupboard
Grey composite Worktop (3020 x 610)


1 x 900 two cutlery drawers and deep (370) drawer
1 x 600 two cutlery drawers and deep (370) drawer
1 x 900 two deep drawers
1 x 300 Spice pull out drawer
2 x 900 base units with shelves

Grey composite Worktop (2750 x 930)

WALL UNITS (2150 tall)

2 x 600 fridge and freezer
1 x 300 larder unit

TALL UNITS (2400 h)

1 x 600 oven housing
2 x 300 pull out larders
It is also helpful to include the run lengths, worktop measurements and island measurements.


Siemens HB75GB550B IQ500 Multifunction Electric Built-In Single Oven – Stainless Steel (HB75GB550B)
iQ700 Compact MW oven – Stainless steel
Induction Hob Siemens EH801FM17E
Siemens iQ300 GI38NA55 Integrated Freez..
Siemens KI81RAF30G IQ 500 Integrated In Column Larder Fridge
Quooker 3FRCHR PRO3 Fusion Round in Polished Chrome with 3 litre tank