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Tonkin Liu - A Word of Advice

The open plan kitchen gives the modern household a space that is flexible, relaxed and open. Clearly, what we want from our living space and our buildings has changed significantly. Formal dining rooms and kitchens cut off from the rest of the family are no longer popular.

These open plan kitchen design tips are for ordinary suburban houses and are well suited to the many semi detached homes in the UK.

Today, the kitchen is the hub of the home. The advantage of having an open plan kitchen is it creates is a family friendly environment. With technology as it is, the kids can be entertaining themselves on an iPad and you can be doing something completely different. The family is no longer restricted to one room and one TV for entertainment.

Another advantage of an open plan kitchen is that it provides large spaces for entertaining. If you are preparing food you can still be included in the social activities. Friends can be sitting comfortably having a coffee while you are preparing nibbles and yet still part of the conversation.

Tonkin Liu

We apply a refined set of principles to each and every project to ensure our work is consistently exemplary. Each is based upon lessons learnt from nature. Collectively, these principles form the pillars of our practice.


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