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Kelly's Kitchen Advice

“My new kitchen is beautiful – it’s a lacquered one in a mocha colour. I have shelves which I designed myself, and have all my plates out so you don’t have to keep going into the cupboards. There’s a lot of nickel, very cool appliances and one big centrepiece that people always gather around.

It’s actually hard to get people out of my kitchen which I think is a good thing. The heart of the home is the kitchen – it’s where people tend to meet and cook and entertain, more so now than in any other room.”

1. Start with a mood board of everything you like (Pinterest is useful for this).

2. Consider how you want to live in the space – what tasks and everyday living will you be doing?

3. Go for inexpensive units and spend your money on good worktops, good appliances and good lighting.

4. If you want to stick to a lower budget go for neutral cabinets and add colour with fruit, vegetables, pictures, blinds and flooring.

5. Make the most of your window space.

Kelly Hoppen

The iconic ‘Kelly Hoppen look’ combines clean, precise lines of the East with opulent textures from the West, harmoniously layered on top of neutral tones producing elegant, dramatic & immaculate interior that is world renowned. Asserting your personality on to this, Kelly guarantees interior that is impeccably tasteful & bespoke every time.


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