Why Buy An Ex-Display Kitchen?

Purchasing, gutting and fitting a new kitchen is a time consuming and costly experience, but once you’ve got all the fittings and fixtures sorted, the stress is most certainly worth it. According to Houzz’s Kitchen Trends of 2017 study, 79% of people in the UK changed their kitchen in order to make better use of the space, and 57% wanted to reduce clutter in their kitchen. Everyone has their own dream kitchen that they’ve always wanted, but a brand new kitchen including the work tops, cabinets, cupboards and so much more costs a lot of money. Houzz’s study had shown that 9% of the UK spend over £75,0O0 on a complete kitchen renovation, and 32% spend between £10,001 – £25,000.


If you want to install a complete new kitchen in your home, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Buying an ex-display kitchen is a great way to bag a bargain and save some money, without compromising on the quality. Fitting an ex-display kitchen into your house can also enhance your property’s value, which is never a bad thing! If you’re considering buying an ex-display kitchen, check out these benefits of why you should purchase a used kitchen.

The benefits of buying an ex-display kitchen

Buying an ex-display kitchen is sustainable

Recycling is imperative to the survival of the planet, as waste has a detrimental impact on the natural environment. Recycling in the UK dropped for the first time in 2015 by 0.9%  (The Guardian), and news outlets have reported that the average UK household uses 480 plastic bottles, but only recycles 270 of them. This means that 44% of plastic bottles end up in landfill sites and negatively impact marine life. Recycling is crucial, and everyone should make recycling habitual. If you’re looking to lead a greener lifestyle, then buying an ex-display kitchen is a huge way to do so.


The majority of kitchen renovations are for brand new kitchens, while old kitchens or ex-display kitchens end up being thrown away, despite having years of life left in them. Why throw a kitchen away when you can sell it? You can also tailor aspects of your ex-display kitchen to suit your wants and needs – it just takes a little creativity. From repainting cupboard doors to revamping kitchen door handles, you’ll have a stunning kitchen at half the price, whilst saving the environment!


An ex-display kitchen is essentially new

We’ve all walked around showrooms and pretended to live in the sparkling designer display kitchen or comfortable display living room, 500 Days of Summer style. Aside from people looking at the ex-display kitchen, it hasn’t actually ever been used legitimately, as it hasn’t ever been in an actual kitchen (unlike a second hand kitchen). This means that when you buy an ex-display kitchen for your home, you’re getting a brand new kitchen for a great price. Think about it – you won’t find any wear and tear on the stove or the fridge, and the cabinets will  be spotless.


The use to an ex-display kitchen really is minimal. There’s no scrubbing of dinner stains from the oven, and the cabinets haven’t had anything in them. The whole ex-display kitchen is spotless and new, without the eye watering price tag.


You can save money and bag a bargain

One of the best benefits of purchasing an ex-display kitchen for your home is the discounts you can get. People choose to renovate and transform their kitchen for a number of reasons. From wanting a healthier lifestyle to spending more time as a family, a new kitchen can change your life, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can save thousands of pounds when you choose to purchase an ex-display kitchen. You can also save more money by selling your old kitchen to the Used Kitchen Company!

Ex-display kitchens can save you time

Choosing to buy an ex-display kitchen is remarkably convenient. Afterall, renovating your kitchen is often taxing, time-consuming, and stressful (even if you are the most organised person in the world). However,  an ex display kitchen is ready and waiting, speeding up the process.

Providing you have the correct measurements (find out more about how to fit an ex-display kitchen  into your home here), the entire kitchen will match perfectly, and everything is already assembled.  Just move the cabinets, cupboards and worktops into where your kitchen should be. You can even hire a professional kitchen fitter to do this. Unless you want to tailor the ex-display kitchen to how you want it to look, you don’t need to spend time looking for matching fixtures and fittings as it’s all there. Installing an ex-display kitchen is an incredibly simple and straightforward process, as well as cheap and efficient.


Tips for buying an ex-display kitchen

  • Always have your measurements at the ready.
  • View the ex-display kitchen before making the purchase – that way you won’t have any surprises.
  • Leave a margin in your budget for any unexpected costs.
  • Go for a little bigger in your measurements so that you’ve not got gaps in your kitchen.

If you’re looking at buying an ex-display kitchen, then get in touch with one of the experts at The Used Kitchen Company today. You can find out how it works here. We’ll have the perfect ex-display kitchen for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.